The end of an era.

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It’s the end of an era. A bittersweet, I may have cried just a little, end of an era. The only time I can think of that is sort of similar is when Jesse quit his job at the hospital and we both became full-time entrepreneurs. We had been talking … Read More

If you’re feeling left out.

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It was a pity-party type of evening. A couple more baby announcements were coming in hot. I knew they were coming, eventually those sweet little thangs have to come out. But these announcements felt like the last couple of bricks being laid on the walls, closing in, suffocating me. The … Read More

Her first shirt from Target.

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We will have a lot of trips to Target. Duh. But this was her first (sort of). July 13, 2016. It was about a month after we heard the news about Nicaragua no longer being an option for our adoption (9 months in to paperwork and appointments) and just a … Read More

Oh fine, refine me.

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“Adoption is so hard,” they said. Such a long process. So many ups and downs. That’s what so many people said when we told them. But at that point, after years of uncertainty, finally I felt so strong and grounded. Solid. Unwavering. Like a hurricane of wretched everything could sweep … Read More

Alpaca laughs + pit stops.

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We were driving south, windows down, as usual. A stop here, a stop there, for us to stretch our legs, but mostly for Jesse to fly his drone. We were in somewhat of a hurry, wanting to make it to the Cascade Lakes area as quickly as we could. We … Read More

The day my heart caught up.

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October 1st, 2015. One year ago today. We were cruising north in our rental car, jamming to T-Swift (as always) and I turned down the music and turned to Jesse. If I would have had my FitBit on, I’d have proof of my skyrocketed heart rate. I couldn’t believe what … Read More

We are all worthy of love.

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It was the middle of the day, sunny but chilly. Winter was well on its way. A couple more hours of light before dusk would settle, before anyone and everyone would hurry home, and melt into warmth and love. My right earbud of my headphones is tucked in as my friend … Read More

Sister, sister.

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In early 2010 I met Kelly. Her freckly face and bursting laugh made me like her right away. We started hanging out, meeting up for walks where we’d sort of exercise, but mostly talk. The reasons for these walks are prioritized and executed accordingly. 1. Therapy 2. Exercise. If there … Read More

Captain (Long)Underpants.

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In preparation for our 5th anniversary trip to the Grand Canyon, we took an equally exciting trip to REI. It was practically a vow renewal, me telling Jesse he could get all the long underwear and camping pants he wanted. The boy was so, so happy. Which, in turn, made … Read More

Playing the victim.

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All my life I’ve been a go-getter. Opportunity comes a knocking and I practically tackle that bad boy before it reaches the door. Or, I go out with my flashlight, into the darkness and wade through muddy, sludgy sort-of trails and tall grasses and sneak attack that sucker, grabbing at … Read More