We Are Free Ep. 023: Kylee Visser – Surviving Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Kylee joins me for We Are Free Episode 023 to chat about how to survive postpartum depression and anxiety. 

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Kylee is the Communications Director at North Coast Church San Marcos/Escondido. She’s also a pastor’s wife and mama to two wild boys, Henry and Jack. Kylee has walked through three seasons of crippling anxiety and depression (but those seasons don’t define her in the slightest). She’s passionate about encouraging women to reject perfectionism, stop trying to do it all, and make time for the things that make them feel fully alive.

Kylee had already had a season of panic attacks and depression in her past, so she had postpartum depression on her radar before her first son was born. 

But, she was looking out for signs of depression but ended up experiencing more anxiety. We talk about what that’s like. What she was feeling. 

Kylee says that in that season, she was putting a lot of pressure on herself. She felt antsy, had a tight chest, loss of appetite and, in that season, she seemed to fixate on all the new decisions she faced as a new mom. 

Her anxiety led to “utter hopelessness and that is depression.”

She talks about how it impacted and strengthened her marriage. And, eventually, how she found a way out of that hard place. 

“The biggest thing it taught me was how to care for myself. Real self care. And, without guilt.” 

Kylee shares about how much hormones affect our bodies, minds, well-being and even reactions/responses to the world around us. She has some great practical ideas for keeping this in mind. Tune in here to listen to Ep. 023! 

Things to do if your friend is struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety:

Be there. Be present in her life.

Ask her what are healthy things that make her feel a little better… and do those things with her.

Text her often. Encourage her, remind her you’re still here and you’re not going anywhere.

Pray over her, as often as she wants.

Links from the show

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Books Kylee recommends

Drop The Ball by Tiffany Dufu

The Empowered Mama by Lisa Druxman

Mind Over Mood by Greenberger & Padesky

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Kylee on Instagram

Kylee’s email address: kvisser@northcoastchurch.com

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Biblical truths, practical tips, resources and journal prompts that’ll make you feel lighter and live freer.


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