And so, we wait.

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“Any news?” “Have you heard anything?” I don’t mind the questions at all. I feel a sense of community that our people are waiting with us. Besides, it gives me a chance to tell each inquirer how incredible our God is. We are more than 7 months in now, since … Read More

Ms. Moonbeam was right.

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I was feeling sort of raw. Like my skin wasn’t working quite right, forgetting to protect my insides. Exposed. A naked heart that had had to accept just a little too much reality in one week. I walked in the empty room, unrolled my mat and attempted to let it … Read More

Oh fine, refine me.

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“Adoption is so hard,” they said. Such a long process. So many ups and downs. That’s what so many people said when we told them. But at that point, after years of uncertainty, finally I felt so strong and grounded. Solid. Unwavering. Like a hurricane of wretched everything could sweep … Read More

The day my heart caught up.

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October 1st, 2015. One year ago today. We were cruising north in our rental car, jamming to T-Swift (as always) and I turned down the music and turned to Jesse. If I would have had my FitBit on, I’d have proof of my skyrocketed heart rate. I couldn’t believe what … Read More

We are all worthy of love.

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It was the middle of the day, sunny but chilly. Winter was well on its way. A couple more hours of light before dusk would settle, before anyone and everyone would hurry home, and melt into warmth and love. My right earbud of my headphones is tucked in as my friend … Read More