This is your invitation to come undone.

 I believe surrender is the biggest, best and only way to be truly free.

This is your invitation
to come undone.

I believe surrender is the biggest, 
best and only way to be truly free.

Becky Morquecho guide to living freely
Your Go-To Guide for
Letting Go and Living Freely

Biblical truths, practical tips, resources and journal prompts that’ll make you feel lighter and live freer.

the host

I'm Becky. A former control freak choosing freedom in coming undone.

I am a writer and podcaster and also an Enneagram 1 and INFJ, if you’re into those things as much as I am. I crave fresh ocean air, Mediterranean salads and I point out every bright bougainvillea I see. I prefer deep conversations over small talk. And live in North County San Diego with my mountain man hubby Jesse and our daughter Vera, who we brought home from China in 2018. 


A Few of My Most Popular Posts and
Podcast Episodes.

Becky Morquecho China Adoption

blog post

We Have a Daughter: Our Adoption Story

After three years of infertility and two years walking through the adoption process, God graciously gave us a daughter.

Arielle Estoria We Are Free Podcast

POdcast episode

Made for Bigger Things w/ Arielle Estoria

“Words not for the ears but for the soul.” The heartbeat behind Arielle’s work is a diligent pursuit of instilling and reminding individuals of their value through words.

Becky and Jesse Home Page

podcast episode

I’m in the Hot Seat! Jesse Interviews Me

We chat about some light-hearted stuff and some really important stuff. This episode is fun, candid and totally on the fly. 

what people are saying

Becky has a gift for making
others feel heard and understood.
She pulls out the best in people. 

annamarie a.

the podcast

We Are Free

this is a podcast about letting go of what we think our lives should look like and the sweet freedom god has for us on the other side of surrender.

Join me as I share stories of surrender and encouraging, real life proof of how God sets us free when we let go.

If you’re craving freedom from trying to have it together, disappointments, fears or anxiety, painful life circumstances you never thought would happen to you, or the everyday challenges that come with being married (or single), motherhood (or waiting for motherhood), work (or trying to figure out your purpose), or anything else that’s heavy on your heart or holding you down, this is the show for you. 

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