I'm Becky, a Type A girl finding freedom in not having it all together.

I’m also an Enneagram 1 and INFJ, if you’re into those things as much as I am. Oh, and I’m a writer and podcaster over at We Are Free. I write a lot about motherhood, infertility, adoption, the beautiful gifts God has shown me time and time again and the freedom we have in Jesus to come undone.  

I’m a sucker for color, fresh ocean air, Mediterranean salads and I point out every bright bougainvillea I see. Literally. Every. Single. One. I prefer deep conversations over small talk. And, I live in North County San Diego with my mountain man hubby Jesse and our daughter Vera, where we do lots of hiking, camping and seagull chasing at the beach. 

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On the inside, there's a lot more to it. As I know there is with you, too.

I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself (and life) over the years. That’ll happen to a girl who sometimes pushes too hard and fights too long before giving into the natural flow of things. 

What I’ve learned is that the greatest freedom I’ve ever encountered has come from surrender of plans, control and myself. By the grace and goodness of the Lord, I have an identity more important than all the personality labels I can find. I am a daughter of the King and, in Him, I have been set free. And, so have you. 

See, small talk isn’t really my thing 😉 

Becky’s gift to seek out God’s goodness
in every circumstance encourages us to dig
down deep and find joy in the process.

channing f.

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