China adoption homecoming – Vera is home.

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After 2 weeks in China and 5 years of waiting for our girl, we finally got to bring her home. So grateful for our friend Danielle for taking our China adoption homecoming photos. These are the people who prayed with us, cried with us and encouraged us. These are the … Read More

Family photos with The Leo Loves

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I’ve taken a lot of family photos in my time as a wedding and family photographer. And it felt so incredibly special to finally be the family the photos were for. This little smile is the one we were waiting for. Our sweet sunshine girl, we’d wait another 5 years … Read More

That one time we went to China.

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It’s been six months since the day we met Vera. Sometimes, I look at her and wonder to myself or say out loud to Jesse, “Did we really, actually go to China?!” It seems like another lifetime ago. It seems we wouldn’t have really had to the way she fits … Read More

The day we met Vera // China adoption.

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We had just checked into our hotel room in Jinan, the capital of Shandong, the province where Vera was found. At 2:02pm our guide sent me a message on WeChat, “The good news is that the children can come to the hotel at about four o’clock, so you can see … Read More

We have a daughter.

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Your Glory // All Sons & Daughters We were at the second to last light before turning into LA Fitness. It was a Wednesday. We had just finished some coaching calls with clients, so I didn’t see the message come in when it did. A friend had so thoughtfully texted … Read More

And so, we wait.

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“Any news?” “Have you heard anything?” I don’t mind the questions at all. I feel a sense of community that our people are waiting with us. Besides, it gives me a chance to tell each inquirer how incredible our God is. We are more than 7 months in now, since … Read More

Beneath the surface.

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Bougainvilleas are my absolute favorite. There are oranges, purples and pinks but my favorite is that bright magenta. I love it so. On the way to the grocery store, on the way to the gym, on the way to Target, on the way to our favorite park, pretty much everywhere … Read More