In-home family photos with The Leo Loves – July 2018

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These photos are almost exactly a year old, taken July 2018…3 months after we met our girl in China. So much has changed. Like, now Vera’s crib is in her room. She’s at least 3 inches taller. It takes more muscle to swing her around and upside down. She doesn’t drink from a bottle anymore. Monkey got the boot and now her baby Kiki is the favorite. That white fluffy rug is less white and fluffy.

Some things have stayed the same. Like, how much our girl loves being amused. How she loves to run and jump and be silly. How she loves to snuggle with her dada. How we run around the house chasing her, tickling her, doing all we can to hear that little giggle.

The good things have gotten even better. Like, now she makes eye contact for much longer stretches. She’s talking in full sentences. She’s confident in her physical abilities like climbing and hopping. Goodness, she does a lot of jumping. Our love for Vera…somehow it’s stronger and better and more patient and mature. Somehow, we love her even more.

Thank you Erin for capturing our little family, our sweet sunshine girl.

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