We Are Free Ep. 033: Paige Hilken – Homemaking and Non-Toxic Living

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Thanks for listening to We Are Free Ep. 033 with Paige Hilken: Homemaking and Non-Toxic Living. 

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Paige is a pastor’s wife and mom to 4 kids under the age of 5. They live in the outskirts of San Diego on 3 acres where they are pursuing their dreams of having their very own homestead in order to get back to a more simple way of living. Paige stays at home full time with her kids while also running her business Hilken Homemades. Her business focuses on educating women on how to take control of the health of their homes. She believes that when we feel good in our bodies we are not only honoring God but we are also able to better fulfill the purposes He has designated for each of us! 

In this Ep. 033, you’ll learn from Paige about… 

  • The unschooling philosophy
  • The block schedule she follows with her kids at home, including a 2-hour quiet time
  • Homemaking systems in place for meal prepping, cleaning, etc. 
  • How God continues to rip away her idols
  • “Our children are not a distraction from our work”
  • How to daily renew our minds
  • Setting the best example for my kids of what Christ lived like
  • Letting go of motherhood expectations during this season of the Coronavirus
  • Hilken Homemades
  • Health and non-toxic living on a budget
  • Living healthy on a small budget
  • How we’re all gatekeepers of our homes

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