We Are Free Ep. 031: Beth McCord – The Enneagram from a Biblical Perspective

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Thanks for listening to We Are Free Ep. 031 with Beth McCord: The Enneagram from a Biblical Perspective. 

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Beth McCord is an Enneagram author, speaker, podcast host and coach and the founder and lead content creator of Your Enneagram Coach, a community designed to be a safe place for individuals to explore the Enneagram. With years of experience and a passion for coming alongside individuals, couples, and groups, Beth is leading the way in simplifying the deep truths of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective. Her mission is to make personal awareness and growth accessible for everyone, anywhere, so they can experience health and transformation in every area of their lives. 

In this Ep. 031, you’ll learn from Beth about… 

  • Why she chose the Enneagram instead of something else
  • Quick history of the Enneagram
  • How the Enneagram gives us clarity
  • How the Enneagram got niched into the Christian sphere
  • What the Enneagram has to do with Christianity
  • Core motivations of why we think, feel and behave
  • How Beth and Jeff McCord brought the Enneagram into Christian language
  • Description of each Enneagram type
  • Becoming Us, Beth and Jeff McCord’s book
  • How does the Gospel fulfill our core longings
  • What is most important: Core fear, core desire, core weakness or core longing
  • Rundown on each Enneagram type’s core longing and how Christ satisfies those for us
  • Are you born your Enneagram type or does it mold over time

Tune in here to Episode 031. Know someone else who could use this episode in her life? Tell her you’re thinking about her and love her and that you have something you know will encourage her today <3

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