We Are Free OO4: Marie Osborne – Finding Rest in the Midst of Chaos

Episode 004: Marie Osborne – Finding Rest in the Midst of Chaos

Marie is a Bible-loving, coffee-chugging, loud-laughing mom of three. As a speaker and writer, she is passionate about helping women find peace and purpose through vibrant relationship with God and deep love for His Word. When she isn’t belting show tunes in her minivan, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, or at www.marieosborne.com.

Marie joined me in our home studio/tiny house so we could hang out and talk about something I’m pretty sure every woman alive could use a little bit more of: REST.

How do women find relief from the overwhelm and exhaustion of motherhood, work, etc.? 

We talk about self-care and minimalism and why they’re good but not exactly the answer. As Christians, we are promised a life of rest. But how do we find rest in the midst of chaos? In the midst of circumstances we have no control over? Why we need to be careful of self-care and finding solutions to, always trying to fix our problems. 

I love how Marie says, “I need to look at rest outside of my circumstances and outside of ease.”

She shares so much truth and encouragement in this episode. There is freedom from carrying the full weight of responsibility for our lives and chores and kids and homes and relationships and everything!

Marie shares her who-to-follow, what-to-read barometer with us and how she monitors what she takes in and what she says has recently robbed her of relationship with Christ. 

True freedom is not about pulling it together and pushing through.

A message of freedom is “surrender this to God, see what he wants you to be, what his vision for you is because it’s going to be better than any vision we have for ourselves.” 

Listen in here. Know someone else who needs a little extra rest in her life? Tell her you’re thinking about her and love her and that you’ve got a great podcast episode for her to listen to <3 

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