We Are Free 013: Suzy VanDyke – Marriage > Motherhood

Episode 013: Suzy VanDyke – Marriage > Motherhood

Suzy is married to her best friend and business partner, Lukas VanDyke, and she’s mama to two crazy curly blonde-haired boys. She is co-founder of Wild & Free Supply – a missions-based company that helps ministry leaders in Honduras with fair wage jobs. She’s also been a photographer at Lukas & Suzy Photography for more than 10 years. 

Suzy loves to encourage women to live each moment intentionally, hand in hand with Jesus. And that is so evident in her life, whether you’re just following her on Instagram or you’re having coffee with her in real life. 

At age 12, Suzy saw a neighbor adopt a little girl from Asia and ever since then, adoption has been on her heart and mind.

Five years into marriage she and her husband Lukas started pursuing an adoption from Nicaragua. “I thought that was the moment the Lord had been preparing me for.”

About 3 months into that process, Lukas said he didn’t feel good about it. After some time moving forward from that, Suzy and Lukas had their first biological son, Wilder. 

As time went on, Suzy says there were other moments when she thought her dream to adopt would be fulfilled.

They did foster care and she thought that was going to be the time. In my mind I was thinking, “Oh, I’m probably going to adopt this baby. In reality, the Lord used both of those times where I connected with their birth moms in a really powerful way.”

Suzy says she’d still love to adopt someday. But, right now, she’s focusing on laying down her own plans and ideas and turning to the Lord and trusting him with the details. 

“You’re just kind of always wondering if he’s going to bring you what you want.”

Suzy and I chatted about why and how she and Lukas got into fostering vs. international and other types of adoption. (If you’re wanting to foster and/or adopt, listen to this part!!!)

After their second foster placement, they decided to take a break from fostering because it was very hard on her husband. I had my goals, “Well obviously, the Lord wants us to foster,” but wasn’t really listening to what he had to say. 

It had almost been a year, still hadn’t jumped back into fostering. 

“We’re living in that tension of we don’t know what he’s going to do. I’m still waiting.” 

But, Suzy says God has given her peace and true joy. She says she’s working on really listening to her husband, too. “That’s how the Lord’s going to lead our family, not just by my ideas.” 

I know the Lord is going to continue to work in incredible ways in this sweet family, like he is with their business Wild & Free Supply. (Seriously, check out these gorgeous leather bags.)

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