We Are Free 019: Wendy Speake – The 40-Day Sugar Fast

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Episode 019: Wendy Speake – The 40-Day Sugar Fast

Wendy is a trained actress and Bible teacher. During her career in Hollywood on shows such as Melrose Place, and Star Trek Voyager, Wendy found herself longing to tell stories that edify, encourage, and point audiences to Jesus. Today, she does just that by writing books, speaking to groups across the nation, and leading online fasts and Bible studies each year. 

Her latest book, The 40-Day Sugar Fast recently came out and I’m so excited to chat with Wendy today about cutting sugar from our lives and instead filling up on more of Jesus.

Wendy tells us the story about why she started fasting from sugar in the first place. How it really had to do with challenging herself and other moms to be gentler, more patient parents.  

“We’ve gotten good at limiting the sugar our kids eat, but every time they go to naps, we’re running to the pantry. We’re using sugar highs to get us through our days.”

Wendy says we’ve gone to sugar in mass. We consume and graze all day. But, she says that leaves us unavailable to Christ because we’re always sort of full but never satisfied.

But, when we turn to Jesus instead of sugar (or Netflix, or alcohol, etc.), the fruit of the spirit becomes ours because we’re abiding in Him, not in a pan of brownies. 

Wendy says the easiest part about the 40-day sugar fast is the moment you’re convicted. And, the hardest part is thinking you don’t have the self-control to do it. That, and the first 3-4 days. But, “once that fog lifts, it’s like freedom.”

In Wendy’s book, the focus is consuming Christ in lieu of consuming something else. And that’s personal and different for everyone. But, she does recommend laying down all refined sugar. 

“Christ comes into our lives, he looks around, says thanks for the sugar. I want it all.”

Wendy says that when you fast and you pray, miracles occur.

It doesn’t always happen in 40 days. It doesn’t always happen the first time around, but once you’ve committed to running to Jesus instead of sugar, your life will change for the better.

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