We Are Free Ep. 036: Mazi Robinson – Stress, Disappointment and Self-Compassion

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Thanks for listening to We Are Free Ep. 036 with Mazi Robinson: Stress, Disappointment and Self-Compassion. 

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Mazi is a licensed professional counselor specializing in helping women discover their true voice as they navigate self worth and self esteem challenges, relationship concerns, and life stage transitions.

Mazi also speaks at workshops on topics such as anxiety, healing, healthy relationships, personal growth, and purposeful living. She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator presenting on the research and methodology of Dr. Brené Brown to individuals and groups AND she is also the founder and director of Cultivate, a counseling center and community in Atlanta, where she lives with her husband and two sons. 

In this Ep. 036, you’ll learn from Mazi about… 

  • What stress is and what it isn’t
  • What happens when our brain senses we’re in danger
  • How stress and anxiety keep us alive
  • Common thought patterns we fall into in times of stress or anxiety
  • How to start replacing lies with truth
  • How to deal with disappointment
  • Admitting your grief
  • Practicing emotional awareness and curiosity
  • How connection plays a huge role in healing
  • How to get through uncertainty and loss
  • Sitting in our emotions
  • Why journaling is so important
  • How to identify what you’re actually feeling
  • Marking loss and disappointment
  • How to show yourself self-compassion
  • How the root of self-compassion is believing “I am loved”

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