A basket of tangerines.

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The sky is gray and the palms outside my window swing + sway, waiting for the rain. The house is still. Quiet. The rising steam from my tea the only movement to be made. The fuzzy blanket covers most of me, except my toes, as I start the day slowly. … Read More

What this is all about anyway.

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Yesterday. I couldn’t even handle it. God’s grace + gifts bouncing around like a magical light all over my entire life. Ping-ponging from one aspect to the next. Bright, beaming goodness, overflowing my heart with gratitude. We sat across the table from each other, dishes and mac-n-cheesy trays piling up … Read More

Her first shirt from Target.

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We will have a lot of trips to Target. Duh. But this was her first (sort of). July 13, 2016. It was about a month after we heard the news about Nicaragua no longer being an option for our adoption (9 months in to paperwork and appointments) and just a … Read More