We Are Free 001: Katelyn James – Life During and After a Fatal Fetal Diagnosis

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Episode #001: Life During and After a Fatal Fetal Diagnosis with Katelyn James Katelyn and her husband Michael are a husband/wife wedding photographer team. She has spoken at conferences such as WPPI, United, Creative at Heart, Making Things Happen and more and also teaches thousands of photographers through her online … Read More

China adoption homecoming – Vera is home.

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After 2 weeks in China and 5 years of waiting for our girl, we finally got to bring her home. So grateful for our friend Danielle for taking our China adoption homecoming photos. These are the people who prayed with us, cried with us and encouraged us. These are the … Read More

Family photos with The Leo Loves

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I’ve taken a lot of family photos in my time as a wedding and family photographer. And it felt so incredibly special to finally be the family the photos were for. This little smile is the one we were waiting for. Our sweet sunshine girl, we’d wait another 5 years … Read More

That one time we went to China.

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It’s been six months since the day we met Vera. Sometimes, I look at her and wonder to myself or say out loud to Jesse, “Did we really, actually go to China?!” It seems like another lifetime ago. It seems we wouldn’t have really had to the way she fits … Read More