Hi, I am Becky!

I write about…

  • * Infertility
  • ** Adoption
  • My feelings (Oh, Lawdy! Those feelings!)
  • Jesus

My day job is…

  • Business coaching creative entrepreneurs over at Idealust.

Personal interests…

  • Anything outside in the sunshine
  • Beach cruising the boardwalk with my baby cakes
  • Hiking, beachfront yoga, being active
  • Painting my nails fun colors, wearing fun colors, okay…fun colors
  • Road trips
  • Singing oldies (This goes super well with above interest.)
  • Pointing out bougainvilleas
  • Waving at and talking to other people’s babies at Target

* In the spring of 2013, we decided it was time to start trying to have a couple of babies. To no avail. A couple of laparoscopic surgeries later, we learned my endometriosis is extremely severe. You’d think the word severe would be enough to describe it. Nope, it’s extremely severe. Doctors are confident I’d get pregnant if we went the IVF route. We decided against it.

** Eventually, by the grace and patience of Jesus, I heard His calling, obeyed and we officially started the adoption process October of 2015. Although, I believe God planted that seed in our hearts and on our path, many, many years before that.